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I know you’re here for a reason, so i won’t mention Covid, the weather, a story about my dog or the family trip we took in December of 2019. Although I feel like it’s in a bloggers blood to tell an in-depth story about something related [or unrelated] to the post they’re sharing; today I’m […]


We are day who knows into quarantine and we’ve hit a low-key dino-obsession over here. Studies have shown that the most common toddler interest is vehicles [planes, trains, and automobiles] and the next most popular, by a ton, is dinosaurs. Hello Land Before Time, Ice Age 3, The Good Dinosaur, Dino Time and Jurassic Park […]


I’ve tried waiting in line for things like lunch and the bathroom at out house [insert toe-tapping and watch-looking], but it didn’t have the same effect as it does at Disney, and my husband kept asking if I was okay. I’ve attempted to sing “it’s a small world” and recreate the parks famous whimsical boat […]

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